The following is a listing of just some of the tools and resources that we use to help you in your classroom.  You can find more specific resources under the Resources menu.

Webpage tools



A quick an easy way to setup a webpage to collaborate share links and resources. Teachers be sure to use the EDUCATORS link to create ad free wikis
Google Sites Another quick easy way to setup a webpage


WordPress Good blog platform that can either hosted online or on your own server. Can be setup in minutes.
Blogger Perfect for your first blog
Edublogs Great for created student or classroom blogs

Graphics Tools:

Gimp Open source image editor similar to Photoshop

Productivity Tools:

Google Apps For all your church, small business or schools needs. From calendars to documents. Google Apps has it all in one place.

Social Media Tools:

Twitter What are you doing in 140 characters or less?
Plurk Similar to Twitter but with threaded discussions

Other Tools:

Audacity Perfect for recording and editing audio
Jing Excellent tool for creating short screencasts
NVU A great open-source web page editor similar to Dreamweaver